Dabo the Disrupter

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Analysis

Every casual football fan in 2019 knows that Clemson Football headed by its fearless leader is disrupting the “Alabama Dynasty”! However I’d be willing to bet that most non Tiger fans haven’t considered exactly how much Dabo has disrupted the legacy and even careers of some of his best known contemporaries. I’m not suggesting that he is solely responsible for the demise of certain coaches, but the timelines are too convincing to suggest he had no part in it.

Let’s start with Les Miles at LSU. Les was a national champion head coach of a powerful program that seemed to be sailing steadily. Until they lost at the hands of Dabo and Clemson in the 2012 Chick Fil-a-Bowl. Following that loss the wheels started to slowly fall off until he was ultimately fired.

Urban Meyer is regarded by some as possibly the 3rd or 4th best college football coach of all time. This three-time national title winning coach was in his prime when he lost to Clemson and Dabo in the 2014 Orange Bowl. No big deal right? Well when they met again in the semi final college football playoff game in 2016 Clemson won 31-0, and Urban would never enter the playoffs again for the rest of his tenure at Ohio State.

Jimbo Fisher is another national title winning coach who’s been disrupted by Dabo in a big way. Early in Dabos career Jimbo wasn’t affected by Clemson, and in fact won a National Title in the 2013 BCS Title game. However losses to Clemson in 15, 16, and 17 kept Jimbo from winning the ACC and out of the playoff conversation. Coincidentally Jimbo leaves FSU following the 2017 season.

Are all of these iconic national title winning coaches downfalls a complete coincidence, or is Dabo truly a college football disrupter?




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